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My goal is to build a working relationship with each person in an effort to provide quality psychiatric care tailored to each individual's needs. Quality care to me means spending the time to get to know each person and understand each person's expectations and limitations. Our mental health is also compromised by our personal beliefs, values, family commitments, work demands and any medical conditions. 


My specialty is family psychiatry. I advanced my knowledge as a nurse with the simple goal of being able to do more for each person. I will listen to your story. Together we can work on getting through the bumps in the road along your journey. I offer the human side of this profession: faith, compassion, understanding, honesty, humor and respect.  


Whether it is facing your individual challenges, understanding your diagnosis, maintaining your stability, on the road to your recovery or a little bit of everything. I believe in empowerment and  I am big on education which are the foundation for managing your mental health.


Session Types

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation 90 minutes  **Is Required**

Medication Management Appointment 15-30 minutes

Medication Management Appointment with Psychotherapy 45-60 minutes

Supportive therapy and Medication Education is given to every patient at every appointment

Fees and co-pays are determined by health insurance companies

Discounts are given to CASH pay patients

There is a $100 deposit required at time of scheduling the initial appointment

The deposit is credited to the account and will be used towards the no show fee

There will be a $100 fee charged for any no show appointments / Same day or less than 24 hour cancellations 

Initial appointments will be rescheduled once, unless unforeseen circumstances are communicated in a timely manner

Dismissal from practice after second no-show



Request A Consultation


Emails will be responded to within 24 hours. No diagnosis or treatment will be discussed prior to in person appointment.


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